Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Game Writing.

As of late, I've been behind on game writing. I sometimes feel I need to get a partner to help me writing, to help keep me on track and to divert me from repeating the same mistakes at the same time. Mostly, I've just been busy with life and that's impaired me getting anything done. I endeavor on, however. Short form: Hearts & Souls is heading towards a new revision of the 2E materials. Mostly just tightening up language and moving towards completing the mechanics. E.o.N is pretty solid concept, I just need more art, and to find time to sit and write it. Derelict Delvers is being hammered on, but I'm having some mechanical difficulties that keep me caught between simple and doing what I want it to do. Other projects are on hold while I continue working on those three and my novels. Longer Form: Hearts & Souls needs an alternative to random generation and make up what you want as a tertiary option for chargen, I'm considering "pick an archetype and add X ranks as you wish to the max of the campaign Pitch." Derelict Delvers is caught between the number of character modifiers versus the need for action science dice. Simple solutions would be to make it a dice pool system. Or to cut back on the modifiers. I think the former is more elegant in the long run, while the latter allows me to focus on smaller numbers. E.o.N is mostly about getting the flavor together. Its dark, even for me, and I'm afraid that may turn some people off, because it very much didn't start out as dark as it has become. Yet at the same time I think it has a place, and can be fun, without being too depressing. Horror+Modern Space Opera have an appeal. I need to get the hope inside it to blossom a bit.