Wednesday, January 08, 2014


I've got a Tuesday night, Skype based role-playing group. We've settled on playing, Hearts & Souls Super-heroic Role-playing. We spent last night building our (fictional) city by the sea: Tower City. As well as discussing the pitch and what kinds of things we wanted in the game.

I'm rather interested in seeing how characters will turn out under the "Rank" character generation system, as well as being built to the pitch and their city. Last time we played it was a one shot, and we randomly rolled heroes--which is functional, and not as crazy as most random roll super roll super character generators. That's both a positive and a negative--as it is sometimes fun to roll under the crazier systems and see what you get, and then making sense of the chaos.

Tower City is a coastal town somewhere on the East Coast of the U.S, looking out over the Atlantic Ocean. It seems to be burgeoning with new technologies. A manned Mars mission is in the works, as well as it being home to many research and development companies.

Thematically we have "Science gone mad!" "Alien infiltrators," and "Seedy Underbelly." as background elements.

We shall see how this all grows and twists in life.

Friday, January 03, 2014

I continues writing Hearts & Souls 2E, mostly working on the setting. Maybe I can find some people to read through the game and the outline and help me parse down what I'm missing. I tend to get a bit overwhelmed when looking at it all. In other news, I got bored a while back and rolled up some "D&D" style fantasy setting elements, I've been slowly hammering into shape. Most of it started randomly and I evolved it--but it needs a lot of work, still I'm enjoying the creative amusement of "random" and my own brain fitting together. Here is that link Feedback is wanted and welcome!