Thursday, January 11, 2007

High Valor...

I've gone back to working on High Valor. I think the system is done, besides a few tweaks and deciding if I want automatic setbacks/failures linked to the various uses of the three main scores: Valor, Faith, and Will.

At the moment most the rest of the work is doing research for names (Anglo Saxon LIKE, Celtic LIKE, and so on--since the cultures are superficially similar the naming conventions will be as well)

but mostly I'm worried about the naming of things--places, trying to get rid of my mad made up names that just at one time sounded good and replace them with a consistent pattern based on the cultures.


Michael said...

Hey Tim,
How are the place names coming along?


Silverlion Studios said...

So far so good. I'm doing some traditional English names as well as fantastic ones to keep the understanding of the setting easy and solid.