Sunday, August 02, 2009

Derelict Delvers

Progress on Derelict Delvers is slower than I'd like. I'm still hammering on the design for the simple fact that I want "old school", yet with decidedly modern forethought going into the game.

Monsters are also a bit more difficult to research. Menacing robots are easy, mutant freaks created by mad scientist or side effects of science, also easy. Yet there are far less unifying constructs in a SF setting than their are in vanilla fantasy. Part of that goes with the kitchen sink approach to mythology that D&D took. Ignoring culture, history, and belief to throw together monsters that were as much fiction as myth. Looking at D&D's gorgon reveals no connection to the classic sisters of which Medusa was but one. D&D even turns the mostly solitary creature into a species of its own, and then divorces it from the term gorgon as well.

Derelict Delvers though has more thought going into it than "What would be a cool thing to fight next.." which is of course my problem. I may be over-thinking my designs.

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