Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The price of this business

Sometimes I wonder if it is worth the work I put into game design.

It isn't the fact that I desire to get rich, its the shear amount of effort I put into getting things together. I know more than one designer who makes this look effortless. Yet for every hurdle I overcome, a new one is put in place. Yet it isn't the changing hurdles that is the most significant one. It is the problem of layout which continues to plague my games.

Hearts & Souls suffered from the failure of several layout people to do their job. (I cannot fault the assistance I got early on from Clash Bowley of Flyingmice, LLC.) Or the help of Jerry Grayson in the end. They were very willing to help and do their thing. It's a bigger problem that several freelancers flaked in between as I tried to improve the layout from Clash's workmanlike style.

Now High Valor is mired in the same place. Only this time I arranged to pay someone who I know can do incredible things. I just haven't seen them finish it in the time they have it.

I've been exceedingly patient, but I'm getting a bit past the point where I can afford to be patient, I need to get it finished so I can get print books on the way.

I wonder if it would be easier to learn layout myself than suffer through this frustration. It is a skill I lack, and have not managed to teach myself.

I love the design, the writing, even looking for art at times can be full of fun as I search for good styles that fit the imagery in my head. Yet the waiting aspect of those things I can't do myself? Those are a real killer at times.

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