Thursday, March 04, 2010

Game Writing.

I'm currently at work on Derelict Delvers. I've hit a few snags with its old school flavor, because even when I played old school games I ignored things light weight carried unless it was an absurd amount. I in short "eyeballed" it because I don't care for the nickel-and-dime complications applied to a character with specific pounds/kilograms of weight.

On the other hand a simple encumbrance system makes a big difference in being able to manage resources and have fun with that aspect of play. I think I've managed it, now the hard part of explaining it, and making sure it balances well enough to avoid Murphy Rule's type situations where one can carry an infinite number of hand weapons because of the way they stack.

E.o.N (Empire of Night) is coming together in my head. SF weapons, monsters, and the like all swirl in my imagination. Dark ships lurking dead in space, waiting for newcomers to come claim them and filled with stigmatim, waiting to feast on human suffering.

Places long thought safe now slowly becoming dangerous as old monsters creep back into their ancient homes.

Necrosculpted creatures born of the dead and reshaped into new forms by surgery and dark science.

So many images of blood and terror, and the few humans standing against it all.

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