Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Wonders of an Unfocused Mind

Lately I've not been getting much writing done. It has more to do with health issues than other concerns. Though hopefully with one of them handled things will move forward.

Sadly High Valor has had to be moved to another layout person. No response from the previous layout person for over a month, and regardless of it being 99% through, I simply have no choice but to find someone else and start again. It's not something I wanted to do, and I held off far longer than I should have, but the person is good at what they do, and a friend. That made the whole need to move on, all the more despairing.

In the meantime Derelict Delvers is coming along. I now need to get some names for the sub powers for the Medic class. I need a side bar on "Engineer vs Scientist" in the book. I mean the Engineer is both, but he's a practical scientist. The go build something that works and kick it when it doesn't sort. Not the stay in a lab and create hypothesis type.

E.o.N's setting and work is getting more and more solid. I've really got a hold of the new direction both visually in my head, and more solidly in my rules. While I'd love to make custom rules for everything, that doesn't always work out so it will be similar to high Valor but with tweaks. Other games in the works will often have their own system, though some will use my fallback one. (High Valor's system.)

Now onto contemplating Tribes of Mother Night :D

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