Wednesday, July 07, 2010

[High Valor] Coming (Really) Soon.

After a very long wait, I've recieved the print file layout of my FRPG High Valor. It's being sent off to be printed, and soon enough I'll have a protoype book in my grubby little hands.

I'm still waiting on the e-file for download as currently the for print file is huge, and not printer friendly for at home printing, wish me luck on seeing it soon enough! The print book will retil for 35.00USD, and the PDF for 12.95. I Hate charging to much for things, so I'm hoping those will be solid price points for them, without being too high for poor game writer's like myself

The game itself doesn't do anything wild and crazy--but it does do dark age versions of vanilla tropes quite well, in my opinion. The setting is on the cusp of crossing from the dark ages to the middle ages, spears and mail defend the land from terrors that still haunt the forests between small villages. Even greater evils gather beyond the Free Kingdoms to wage war against mankind. It gives a lot of stuff to do, and thats something important to fantasy games--not just "go kill things and take their stuff.." but to fight, show your courage, and maybe even die in glory for your people and your world.


Matthew Slepin said...

Glad to hear it. :)

clash bowley said...

Awesome news, Tim! Finally!