Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Mechanic Contemplation

I was trying essentially to get the MSH 3 shades of success handled in a ch artless manner. It is worth noting that this is quite similar to Talislanta (which also uses a chart.)

I'm wondering if I should just break the game down at this point:

Roll 2d10, 10+ Minor Success, 15+ Major Sucess, 20+ Critical Success.

That's a simple chart, and easy to remember, so to run the game chart-free. Of course mechanically speaking the rolls are modified by Stat+Skill+Gear and is opposed by Stat+Skill+Gear

Example: I'm playing a 3rd Level Soldier with an Heavy Weapons Skill of 2. He has a Dexterity of +1 and is using a wonderful and accurate Beam Rifle, that has a +1 due to its elegant and accurate design. He roll 2d10+2+1+1, or 2d10+4. He gets a total of 16. Ordinarily a Major Success. However he's shooting a foe with a +2 Dex, and a Defense Skill of +1. This +3 is subtracted from the total to get a mere 13 or Minor Success. (This does half damage.)

This gives me the same functionality as MSH, and Talislanta. Sans charts. Plus its simple enough to work.

How does that sound?

As well as that. I've been thinking of making the Derelict Delvers Heroism Points work on a sort of swinging scale. I'm not sure how to do it yet. The idea is perhaps that the more danger they face. The more heroism points they earn to do wild and crazy things. Perhaps making the Denizens of a derelict scale. A 1 Scale is equal to the PC's, meaning they earn 1 HP when they confront them, and 1 when they take damage. Every failed die roll also earns them 1 HP (or perhaps heroism dice?) A Threat 3 Enemy scales significantly higher than the PC's and puts the entire group in danger of being TPK. SO confronting it gets them 3 HP per action against it/failed roll/etc.

Bonus points if someone can help me make this work on 2d6 (Admittedly I like percentile for Sci Fi games. I don't know why.)


clash bowley said...
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clash bowley said...

Hi Tim!

I never played MSH, but your mechanic looks fine to me.