Thursday, September 16, 2010

Derelict Delvers: Changing Gears.

I've thought about it a long time, there are two directions I can go with DD. One is to continue to do the D&D with numbers filed off thing. I don't think that benefits anyone--why not play D&D and rename things?

The other is to go a bit sideways. Keeping it old school, but by way of MSH, Talislanta, and Tunnels & Trolls. Twisting these ideas together gets this character sheet. It needs some work, some vetting, and some hammering.

I'd like to simplify it more. The goal is to combine Race/Species stat profiles (Body/Mind/Senses) with Profession Stats (Fisticuffs, Arms, Knowledge, etc.) That creates a basic profile--two insectoid soldiers will look the same at that point. Plus be easy to put together. A few tweaks (aspects that describe the species variations in short) and a bit of personal tailoring, and tada! Complete character sans gear in a matter of minutes.

However, my goal is to make the game as basic pulp SF/space opera as possible. With a retro 50's feel, bubble space helmets, and rayguns--but still keep a solid grounding of science within a certain framework. After all really advanced science goes into those suits with their bubble helmets, and beam guns with their fins.

The mechanic will be 2d10+Stat+Misc Mods+Gear vs D# (Possibly modified by opposing Stat+Mods+Gear) The average difficulty is 10 with the D# modified to determine difficulty. The "misc mods" are never things like weather or positioning, just stuff like that guy is a super fast reptiloid so he has "Speed +2 aspect" as above in creating race stat lines. Inherant items to a monster or npc.

Example roll: Insectoid Soldier shoots reptiloid enemy who is as above fast.

The soldier takes Arms (2) + Laser Rifle (+2)+2d10 vs D#10+Reptiloids Dodge (2) +Speedy (+2) and he has a shield (+1) he whips that shield up and move to deflect the shot. Soldier buzzing angrily shoots get 13 vs his 15. It is with five of the D# required so she clips him (partial success) the edge of the shield catches the beam but the rifle still slashes past and singes him for half damage.

If she had got an 16 she'd have a Solid Success and do full damage for that rifle. If she'd had Arms (3) and rolled a 20 (total 25) she'd perform a critical on him (10 over the TN) She'd kill him (or maim him, her choice. ) Outright.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Mechanic Contemplation

I was trying essentially to get the MSH 3 shades of success handled in a ch artless manner. It is worth noting that this is quite similar to Talislanta (which also uses a chart.)

I'm wondering if I should just break the game down at this point:

Roll 2d10, 10+ Minor Success, 15+ Major Sucess, 20+ Critical Success.

That's a simple chart, and easy to remember, so to run the game chart-free. Of course mechanically speaking the rolls are modified by Stat+Skill+Gear and is opposed by Stat+Skill+Gear

Example: I'm playing a 3rd Level Soldier with an Heavy Weapons Skill of 2. He has a Dexterity of +1 and is using a wonderful and accurate Beam Rifle, that has a +1 due to its elegant and accurate design. He roll 2d10+2+1+1, or 2d10+4. He gets a total of 16. Ordinarily a Major Success. However he's shooting a foe with a +2 Dex, and a Defense Skill of +1. This +3 is subtracted from the total to get a mere 13 or Minor Success. (This does half damage.)

This gives me the same functionality as MSH, and Talislanta. Sans charts. Plus its simple enough to work.

How does that sound?

As well as that. I've been thinking of making the Derelict Delvers Heroism Points work on a sort of swinging scale. I'm not sure how to do it yet. The idea is perhaps that the more danger they face. The more heroism points they earn to do wild and crazy things. Perhaps making the Denizens of a derelict scale. A 1 Scale is equal to the PC's, meaning they earn 1 HP when they confront them, and 1 when they take damage. Every failed die roll also earns them 1 HP (or perhaps heroism dice?) A Threat 3 Enemy scales significantly higher than the PC's and puts the entire group in danger of being TPK. SO confronting it gets them 3 HP per action against it/failed roll/etc.

Bonus points if someone can help me make this work on 2d6 (Admittedly I like percentile for Sci Fi games. I don't know why.)

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Odd Mechanic

So I was trying to come up with a table free version of the old TSR Marvel Superheroes RPG, the one which used the color coded universal table.
I didn't come up with one but while I was playing around with ideas I did come up with a strange mechanic, I'd like to hear some feedback on.

The basic idea is 1d100+stat vs vs difficulty number (50 is standard) and one must meet or exceed it. On its face it seems simple. However stats can be -30 to +30 with 0 as average and in increments of 10, and this only determines success or failure.
The ones die determines success magnitude/grades of success. So if you roll 72 vs 50 you succeed and get 2 grades of success. If you get 79 that's 9 grades. Skill push grades of success up. So
if someone has a stat of 20 and a skill of 5, they only have to roll a 30 for an average test, and get at least 5 grades on every successful roll.