Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hearts & Souls 2E

I've been having a heck of a time working on H&S2E, mostly I've not started the heavy lifting of mechanics. Primarily because other than a few minor changes the overt differences will be pretty small. The changes will be noticeable, but the effects will be to maintain the same play as before, just with some improvements brought on by the game design elements I've learned in the mean time.

The setting however is what is bothering me. I want this wonderful vast setting that is as wild as Marvel or DC, but without their depth of history or racism. I loathe racism. Even when I notice it in myself. (I fight it, seriously. Yet even then some slips in from my upbringing without thinking about it.)

It was something that was rampant and accepted in earlier eras of comic books. I could be true to them and allow it to slip in in the past and say "that was accurate for the time..."

Yet at the same time, I've the advantage of being able to look at that era with disgust at how we could have ever been so blind towards others (though we often still are...)

The setting is the big issue though. I want it to be filled with heroes and villains who are interesting, but unlike some settings I don't want to overlook that some were truly terrible ideas--even if they stuck around. (Example: Turner D. Century)

Yet still I want a few of.."hey that's mad, crazy, silly, and makes little sense, but what the heck..."

I'm a bit too serious at times to truly think of these though, and sometimes they come on me easily.

The joys of having an over-active brain.


clash bowley said...

I think you should spend less time on the setting, Tim. Let the groups fill in the details. I for one used your setting in H&S 1E as examples only, and they worked well for that, but there were a lot more of them than I needed.

A possibility might be to describe the previous pulp, golden, and silver ages in prose with a few examples of different types, then a precis of the current situation, ending in a big Crisis/Ragnarok/Whatever where huge changes are being made, then leave those changes up to the group.


Silverlion Studios said...

I want to get more substance. Biggest complaint was the setting for most people.