Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tribes of Mother Night

Believe or not, I've been dwelling on one of my first published works. The setting "Tribes of Mother Night," because of the ease of use of the system used in High Valor, and its flexibility. I've been considering using a variation of it for the setting for a 2E version.

The problem is--what Feat pools will it have? I'm pretty sure we need Fate (connection to Mother Night, or Haelot, Magic use.) Yet what do we do for fighting and thinking? The game can focus on duels and the dueling circle, as well as traditional conflict. I've been thinking on that quiet a bit. So "Warfare" and perhaps "Wits?"

Although I might go with Fate, Wits, and Warfare?

It flows well, but I'd be glad to see and think upon other ideas.

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clash bowley said...

I would love to see ToMN reviced, Tim! A great setting!