Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Derelict Delvers.

I've finally decided what direction to take with DD. It's nature will be slightly different, but that's the nature of creation. Follow the creations nature, don't force it.

Now, I've just got to sit down and write it. I tried hammering at it a bit yesterday, but kept getting stuck on the same bit of text. I know its where it should go, I just have to have the direction clear enough to give it a shove.

The fundamental aspect of the game is to create a playable template from two elements: Race and Profession. When combined they give you a set of numbers that makes a playable character in brief. Yet that "playable" aspect is just the start of character creation. Each of those numbers has to come from somewhere within the Delver's past. It doesn't spring from nothing. Each number generates an equal number of aspect-like traits. Things which describe the why elements of the number.

A Body of 3, would mean 3 background traits that describe that value. It could be High gravity chitinous arthropod species from Exogeus, Winner of the Three Moons Hurling Competition, and Awarded Archive Games Biathlon Gold Medal Three Years running. The nature of the Body 3 explained in detail. Where it comes from even if it is "free" at character generation from race and profession.

The issue right now is coming up with some samples that are complete enough to work for the game, without being too complete.

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clash bowley said...

I heartly aapprove of your new direction, Tim! Definitely a step forward!