Thursday, December 02, 2010

Derelict Delvers: Simple Templates

I've gone with templates that can be snapped together to allow a player to create a character in a few minutes, with a bit of tailoring.

The system I've decided upon for character creation doesn't remove a player getting something completely unique, in fact each template is built so they can be recreated, changed, or new ones introduced with a little more work.

The templates come in two forms: Racial Templates and Professional Templates, Add to that gear packages to speed play instead of nitpicking gear lists, and I've got the game speed I want for just throwing together a Delver team, and going into space at a moments notice.

Sure, I think the game will have a bit of lethality, but shouldn't be too terrible with the way Heroism points work.

A few more bits and it should be ready for play testing.

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clash bowley said...

Yeah! I like it Tim! I went with snap-together templates in Tools of Ignorance for the very same reason. ;D