Monday, April 04, 2011

Archive Space/Derelict Delvers

Science Action Dice!
I've added to the extra dice one can roll to do pulpy-space opera action things in play. They also allow a better chance of success at anything if a reasonable "SCIENCE!" explanation can be given. Allowing for the sudden brilliant moments, interesting explorations of ideas given in early space opera fiction.


I'm considering ditching Health again and resorting to weapons hitting attributes. I like the idea of hitting Brawn and that being a sudden weak spell, hitting Mind and causing the person to have a foggy, unclear head they need to shake clear. I'm not sure if they would be tested against, or if I'd keep it similar to the current 10 box health system.

Initiative will henceforth be setup so that certain types of attacks/actions simply go first. Heroes will tend to have the first go, but there are exceptions.

1) Fists go first if in melee range. Attacks using the but of a weapon is included in this category.

2) Melee weapons go next.

3) Ranged Weapons (Light) go after Melee weapons

and finally

4) Heavy Weapons go last.

In case of a tie Heroes go first.

If the distance is too great for someone to reasonably engage in melee attacks, they'll be allowed to make a test (Speed) to cross the distance, and go the same action sequence.

It should make the game feel pulpy and make for interesting tactics.

One can always talk, of course during any action, so essentially they can go at O, but that's not likely to matter once the conflict has begun.

I'm taking suggestions for a potential name change on here.

Although so far ARCHIVE SPACE, sticks better for me than anything else.

Of course ARCHIVE may be changed a bit too: Artifact Recovery Control and Historical Investigation Venture Enclave. (Rather than -Enterprise)

We'll see how it goes.

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