Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Information Overload.

I'm working on so many different things. What that means is a lot of research, a significant amount of research. It also means a lot of play. I'm not a fan of writing things without trying to examine the genre or style of material it belongs to, and doing that well.

Derelict Delvers has me reading Space Opera, various molds of Sci Fi (Military, "vanilla", and others.) It's interesting because I wouldn't have discovered so many interesting things to read, and in my case been able to re-read anytime soon, without the need to research. I love the characters I've discovered.

I will probably keep up my reading and return to reading some of the science magazines I used to devour. What? You used to read science magazines? Yes. When I was young (child to teenager) I was driven by science fiction to become a scientist. Sadly, my math studies were not up to being a good scientist, or so I thought. Turns out the education system failed me.

It turns out I can do more of the mathematics/algebra etc, than I thought. It just has to be properly motivated. I won't be a scientist as a profession at this point, but I can focus on reading up on wondrous things and enjoying ideas. Maybe if I get some money together I can go back to tinkering on old personal projects. I was on the right track with some of them--as teams of scientist have done what I tried to do as a teenager. It is awesome. Sure I wish it had been me, but I'm happy I was mostly on target. (Most of my interest was in directed energy weapons and projected energy of various sorts.)

I know Derelict Delvers will make far less sense in terms of hard science fiction than most people would want in a Sci Fi game, but that's why its intentionally pulp space opera. Loose and fast with the rules, and lots of old school SCIENCE! As opposed to real science. I'm alright with that.

In other news I've had to pause in reading Wuxia, for the moment. I love the stuff, but it is very dense depending on what I'm reading and I've got to pause now, or burn out. I'll be going back in a few weeks. My space opera wuxia game may be hampered due to needing native Chinese speakers to assist me. I was being assisted by one but he fell ill, and I've not heard from him in a while. The last message I had was disturbing and made me worried about his health more than about finishing my game. I hope he recovers, even if his assistance is done on the RPG.

I'm still trying to figure out what "Pure" or Open Science means in E.o.N, mostly because the desire to seek knowledge is often turned into fodder for leaving one open in horror games.

I want true scientists to be strong, just as faith is against the evil of the stigmatim. Mostly because the desire to seek answers, real answers should be encouraged. Faith is resistance because of its nature (and the fact stigmatim are really demons, so faith repels them.) Science--the desire to continue seeking answers, and not resting on the laurels of past discoveries, should also repel or make one resistant to their powers.

I want a balance, rather than a denial of either aspect of humanities nature denies value. Yet I still want stigmatim to have power over those that simply accept what is, without curiosity or conviction.

Lastly, I've been writing short, of course, blurbs about various supervillains in H&S2E on Twitter

All two of you who read this should be aware if you weren't already...


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