Tuesday, September 20, 2011

[Derelict Delvers] Hyper-Rockets.

Spaceships in Derelict Delvers are things I've circled for a while. I've done so in the hopes I would fall upon something brilliant that isn't too crunchy, or too simplistic.

I think I've come up with something. Every ship is built up of a number of "pods."
An actual cargo hold, cockpit, or engine room may be bigger than a single "pod," but they count simply as multiple "pods." Since, "pods" are just essentially a measurement they've decided to use to represent a space and the necessary additional support equipment for that space. Although additional support equipment is necessary the more pods there are in a ship.

A basic ship layout consists of a cockpit, a crew deck, an engineering deck/hyperspace engine, and reaction mass, and a support systems pod (this simply that for every 4 pods, you need a fifth one to help keep the systems balanced.) This means your smallest hyper-rocket will always have five pods.

Every team member in an ARCHIVE Exploration team will have one additional pod per person. These can be split between having a personal crew room for every three people, adding a specialty pod: Laboratory, Microfacturing, Weapons Pod, Vehicle Pod, Medical Pod, and Additional Cargo Pods among other things.

The primary pilot can give the craft a tag for every level of the Pilot skill. Other characters can add tags by expending the merits they earn towards them. Basically using their allies, prestige, knowledge, and the like to get upgrades for the ship.

How good are the pods? Well that's what I must figure out..

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