Friday, September 09, 2011

[Derelict Delvers] Trappings and Kit

I've solved the equipment problem for the most part in Derelict Delvers. It may need some fine tuning, but I've found a solution that makes me happy and fits the genre well.


Trappings are iconic gear, things the hero always tends to have. Items they carry that is so important as to be a part of "them." Such items as a specialized space suit, a favorite weapon, and so on. These items make a large difference in play and will come up often. Indiana Jones' Whip, Bond's Walther PPK/P99, and so on.


Kit items are things that gamers often worry about but the game does not. Things which can usually be found in the environment but if someone wants a list it is possible. These are things few characters will make important, other than their basic nature. Kit includes things like flashlights, sealant, rope, and food. These things are usually not prominent in play. In fact if the hero spends an Action Science Die they can find or fashion a temporary replacement for the scene. Or they may return to their ship and use its resources to replace the items in question. Derelict Delvers doesn't have matter transmutation though--at least not in ARCHIVE's hands. Instead this takes the micro-manufacturing tools, time and SCIENCE! They couldn't feed a whole city, but a small group of people would be possible--but it drains their resources.

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